About Us

About The Vedic Company

We are a healthcare company for the future. Maybe that sounds like a hyperbole. Fair enough, let us explain. How is healthcare set up right now?

Maybe it looks something like this.

You have a problem -> You visit the doc -> They run some tests -> You get medication -> They cure your symptoms -> Sooner or later you develop side effects or the effectiveness fades away -> You go back to the doc -> You get a new set of meds

Rinse and repeat. Sounds familiar?

We think this is a problem. A big one. You see, we don't see the sense in popping pills just to cure symptoms and get some temporary relief, only to postpone suffering by another day. It makes absolutely no sense to us - the endless cycle of pills, side effects, medical expenses. If you think about it, it's sort of like running on a treadmill.

You're doing a lot of work but you aren't going anywhere.

We want to build a world where we don't cure your symptoms, but rather give your body the tools and strength to cure itself.

What was that about teaching a man how to fish? Exactly that, but much more relevant because this is your health and life we're talking about!

Of course, there are a lot of limitations on what we can achieve with this method. For example, we cannot cure cancer or severe malaria and we're very honest about it.

But most diseases are born out of imbalances in your body, wrong diet and a suboptimal lifestyle. This we can solve.

Before you decide to commit to our method, we want you to think about it long and hard - because commitment we will need. 6 months of it. If you're not willing to invest 6 straight months (of just 15 min a day actually) into getting better, we cannot help you.

But if you are, we will journey with you every step of the way and take you to the other side. This is a promise.